27.10. (Arbeitstitel)

Seele blutet Körper aus, mit durchsichtigen Augen, aus deiner Stille hinaus, Herz reißt Haut auf, Mund trocknet aus, Tränen die rot färben, mich nur trösten mögen, aus dem Nichts beginnt das Leben, schlägt munter Purzelbäume

Dein ganzes Wollen tötet dein Tun, erschlagen vom Haben, ohnmächtig im Sein, aufgeblasner Rauch sein, zu gar nichts führen, Mantel im Schrank fein, nutzlos und allein

soll sich doch Leben verirrn und dich leise einlullen, ziellos ins Schwarze treffen, Gedanke den Kobold frass,werden sich tot stellen, um die Ecke lauernd, der Nebel Endlichkeit umschleicht, fegt im Lawinengeröll

Dein ganzes Wollen….

Dive into whisper (4.05.2015) 

Unexplained at first glance so clearly, shines the morning at the tender light, early wake up in the morning dew, the wave can finally floading my life, dive into whisper, it returns to ease, let the darkness dissolve to, till I`m finally free, now we can start when the daylight calls me, and time is holding, and life`s unfolding, yeah, and when you wake up by my side, finally the wave will fload my life, the pointer of the time is ticking more slowly, fog is still in the cold air, what remains is what may come, the wave can finally floading my life, dive into whisper, it returns to ease, let the darkness dissolve to, till I`m finally free

Bis auf den Grund ( 3.05.2015)

Das Herz mir leis zerfließt, die Nacht ist unser Freund, dein Atem auf meinem liegt, tauche ein in dein Geflüster, zu den Träumen getragen, der Wind uns dabei wiegt, laufe sinnlos  umher ist der Weg nicht mehr lang

Wo die Freiheit uns ruft, gehst mir immer voraus, sind die Augen aus Glas, zeigt was gestern noch war, Zeit sich spinnen läßt, unser Leben verrät, Atem anhalten tät, fortgetragen

bis auf den Grund hinabgetaucht und überwältigt davon neues gebar, erinnert an den Ort wo du neben mir lagst

Ist dein Geruch verflogen, der du einmal warst, ist deine Seele ertrunken, auf den Grund hinabgetaucht, bist du nicht mehr der Mensch, der du einmal warst, laufe sinnlos umher, ist der Weg nicht mehr lang


Alles dreht sich wieder um nichts (August 2015)
Wenn mein Herz in 1000 Teile zerbricht oder nicht
die Pfützenmeere lauern auf der Erde
wieder hat der Tag nur schwaches Licht

Tau breitet sich aus, fragt nicht nach der Zeit die steht ewig still nur ich bewege mich in ihr
Rinnsale fernen Lichts so dreht sich alles nur wieder um nichts

Wie der Regen riecht, bleibt ein Flehen mir treu, Leichtigkeit sich an den Tisch setzt, mit mir Weisswein trinkt, mit nahm sie Endlichkeit, umarmt darin die Glut, alles ist gut

Bis die Welle dich mitreisst und deiner Seele Flügel leiht, dem Wind entgegen eilt tanzt du auf ewig im Kreis

15.03. (Arbeitstitel)Absurdes Lied

Soviel abzuarbeiten den Ehrgeiz zu füttern, Krusten abtragen, Schalen zu häuten den Atem nicht anhalten, Gedanken ziehn lassen

Das Wollen wird abgemurkst, verdaut und rausgekackt, die Weichen werden umgestellt, das Schimpfen wird nun eingestellt

dafür: Wasser trinken lernen Schluck um Schluck um Schluck um, sich allmählich entfernen jeden Tag und dabei tüchtig Wasser trinken lernen Schluck um Schluck um Schluck um Schluck

Fishing Rots ( Angelsong)  31.Mai 2012

Green blue ish film of water, a ball filled with sun from the side, glued to the horizon, fat seagulls on their way
fishing rots far down the stream, a cigarrette in your mouth, blood on your fingers, into the heart, into the heart
airoplanes above me, streaking through blue, freedom carries the name of the bay

Between the trees lies the place, forgotten not thinking what has been, here you want to drown, where the birds
create a street, dive deep down to the bait of life, drift with the stream, see how life is captured, and fly home and
fly home, see how it dives, a waves picks you up, freedom carries the name of your bay

the fish is sneaking round the bait, you can feel it in the rod, the water keeps it`s mystery, such an intimate moment
just the two of you forsaken, marveling into the dephts,

a faint embrace a quiet talk, the cleverer prevails, in the somber dance of transience, in the morning dew you roll
the dice, life is hanging by a thread, while the wind is dancing lonely waltzes

Mild and hazy mind

Innocense deep blue those days, flows into the sea, above us only sky
is waiting for a sign, water tastes like wine, mild and hazy mind

somewher there`s a new odyssey, storming through your head, the wind stops for a bit, might carry you away
your skin tastes like wine, mild and hazy mind

somewhere there`s another day, peaceful love and crazed, the time stands still, a wind stops for a bit,
somewhere there`s the key, into happiness

Longing for another wave to come, where the souls seek their sorces, drifting where the river flows
it`s like taming wild horses since the end is out of sight, it can`t be wrong it feels so right, now that we dive in blissful

Southern Sand
Searching for you everywhere
And illusion devours my soul
Nowhere could I find your name on the door
Running everywhere

And the days in colourful light
memory fades when you`ve got to go
everything `s spinning round nothing
time stands still when you `re with me

Come along and steal for me
two hands full of southern sand
raise your eyes up to the sky
and tell me the names of all the clouds
when my lips bend for a smile
the smile becomes a bow to you
all my sadness kisses you awake from inside

What was is like to be
when the sunny day met the moon
when the rain swallowed the grass
and you were not with me

Go steal fo me southern sand
Tell me the names of all the clouds
When my smile bows to you
And my sadness kisses you awake from inside

Some Days
Some days worry and some days glad
Some days more than make you mad
Some days, some days more than shine
When you see what`s coming on down the line

Some days tussle and some days groan
Some days don`t even leave a bone
Some days you hassle all alone
When you see what`s coming on down the line

Some days leave
Some days grieve
Some days you almost don`t believe
Some days believe you
Some days don`t
Some days release you
Some days don`t

Same days rainy and some days glow
Some days there is no hope
Some days you tremble all alone

Witnesses coming on down the line

Rose-coloured Shells
Into the ocean of tears
Poured out in front of your door
You go to swim while the sky has painted
my innosence blue

A cheerful appetite meets
A never ending thirst
the sailing ships with their hatches open
carry us away

Red wine skin dark brown salt in wrinkles
we`re diving for rose-coloured shells
fire still sparkling, may not miss the sunset
unknown wind blows, wish you were with me

The perfect place that we chose
To let the anchors fall
Deep down beneath us a treasure awaits
The day it will be found

Where ever you will be gone
I know I don`t walk alone
The secret treasure in deep blue sea
Still waits for you and me

Out of here
Heart beats, rain won`t come
you`ve brought everything with you
a body, a hand full of flesh
here you stay here you`ll begin
1000 things to be done
slipping through your hands
the place is there and
what you`re aiming for
the only thing that lasted is you
want to get out fo here
get out of here

I crave for your love
my eyes embrace your lips
feeling my longing
and the sadness deep in my heart
I wish the air would smell of you
I crave for your love
I crave for your love
I crave for your love

my eyes caress your body
my thoughts wander through the past
I guess I can`t stand my grief
I wish I could listen to your breath
I crave for your love
I crave for your love
I crave for your love

my life has changed like a blow
and things loose their meanings
the days are so different
I wish I could listen to your breath
I crave for your love……

My broken you and me
met your broken me in you – and
with a few glasses of wine
they had a good time

In broken words they spoke
bout broken dreams and broken souls
after all those years
they dropped their fears

Your broken eyes don`t see
the cruches of my memory
my broken tongue won`t speak
it is too weak

Since war turned into peace
at least some kind of armistice
your broken grace competes
with my defeat

Well I searched the places
of all those embraces
between you and me

When passion resigned
and love changed it`s mind
it happended to be

So I don´t cry
just secretly sigh
against the broken sky

A Broken second it appeared
that all the trouble, all they feared
vanished like the morning veil
like sunshine after hail
Whatever may the future bring
whatever means this song I sing
God bless all broken souls
down in their holes

Well I traced the seconds
I counted and reckoned
with you by my side

Now time passes by
remembrances die
there`s no need to fight

So I don`t cry
just secretly sigh
against the broken sky

Berlin Rapture
The wind has grown cold
Rain`s creeping into my bones
Have to feed my yearning
Like a whining child

Have a secret smoke
And watch the sea with you
The way the sun sets
Cold winds blowing from the east

Hear my body complaining
New pains chatting with old ones
Having a real coffee party
Gossipping away

Send you a song
From the big city
Send you the fume
Mounting from housefronts
In the backyard of vanities

They don`t clean their windows
Houses swallow the sky
Like to see you at nights
Instead you come into my dreams

TV s covered with dust
You`re missing in my world
I`d rather come to see you
Where the sun meets the sea

amsterdam nocturne
freedom was born long ago
with every step conquered
by every glance made of forgiving
I`m looking at everyone

every house I take to heart and mind
neon lights beaming at me
noise from rolling wheels
has the wind shown the way

you`re grounded on water
forever I`m torn towards you
there I long to be lost
maybe in your arms
maybe in your arms

the city reveals it`s magic
round the houses water winding
light more light than anywhere
even if there was nothing
there would be music
if only you were with me
the breath of the city moving
like a dress casted off

an empty room
maybe you have forgotten to buy the colours ‘cause
the walls are white, like your heart, when you love
everything starts from the beginning again , just as
the seasons and as the breath of your voice gets lost in its’ words
have you forgotten how everything started
cause an empty room is waiting for you
ciause an empty room is waiting for you

The air is quite stuffy and the floor is bored
maybe you just wanna do nothing for once
listen to the walls, to breathe and to forget,
about the noises down on the street, follow
you everywhere you go, late in the night
the only thing that remains
an empty room is waiting for you
an empty room is waiting for you

nobody missed you
you told us stories with your hands
they’ve never come true
how we listen to you
how your eyes used to shine
everything made up
we had always felt, that to be a hero once again
but the magic’s still there
and all that you couldn`t tell
you took with you
you took with you

and then I pick up your pictures
and go on telling your stories
whether you want or not
‘cause I don’t like things to be forgotten
like people forgot you
and your face grew pale
like a flower wilts
the stories slipped out of your hands
you took with you
you took with you
you simply lay there your breath faded away
you simply lay there and nobody missed you
and nobody missed you,and nobody missed you

collecting love
I`m searching for you in my thoughts
if you had a face
maybe I`ve already seen you
someday,some time , someplace
but the time is not ripe
but the time is not ripe
to see you and find you and hold you

I`ve been waiting for so long
waiting to be taken over

Nobody knows my name
Nobody promised me
noone is around
to have a little faith in me
no one to laugh with
no one to cry to
no one to share the freedom
I cannot bear

I`m collecting love
I`m collecting warmth
I`m collecting trust for
anonymous you
Gently I`d touch your tender skin
if you had a name
my heart becomes a dusty place
`cause each and every day`s the same
but my hands will caress skin
my hands will caress skin
to love you , to touch you, to feel you
I`ve been searching all my life
searching to be taken over

right time
don`t want a hero, don´t need a saint
don´t need noone to play the fool or to pretend
looking for someone to trust and care
so all you`ve got to do is just to be there

you can drive yourself mad
you can run as fast as you like
you guess what could happen to you
and get a slight notion of your life
at the right time, in the right place

but all you`ve got to do
is just to be there

people put their faith in god
the whole life is filled with events
these you regard as your destiny
and those as pure accidents

sneak into sleep
Wake me when you come to bed
Want to feel when it`s getting warm
When your arms gulp down my body
And your stubbles pierce my neck
Your lips fall on my shoulders
When the dew is growing in the dawn
And often I check the clock
While it shows the same number
Sneak into sleep

background noise
Working in the restaurant
Each day`s the same
Nobody knows her thoughts
And noone cares
Bringing coffee to tables
With a smile on her face
But looking through everything
A wall of thick glass
She always wants to be somewhere else
Never wants to be where she is
When it`s noisy she longs for calm
And in silence she needs background noise
Waiting for someone to get her
Waiting for someone to know her

paint your world
There`s nobody, nobody thinking of you
You don`t walk`round your house
Stop thinking of, thinking of anything
Won´t bite your fingernails
And drink no wine
Won´t smoke and leave the phone alone
Keep your old wounds closed
No looking out for cellar dust
But still, there`re still those hideaways

The water in your heater sounds like the niagara falls, a
million sighs of unknown chances
Hide inside your walls

Each minute is exhaling its fouls smell
Seconds do their merry walk
What will be tomorrow, remains an unknown place

Paint your world and it will come to you
You just have two days left
Walk down this road
And then turn to your right
There`ll be snow and rain, don`t let it stop you
They will tell you when you`re gonna die
While happiness hides
In the pitfalls of your soul

the dogs of unknown people
the sun had passed the horizon
long before the air smelled of earth
then you left because you left
keep your answer for yourself
I could not hold you here
not with the stars,not with me
not with the stars,not with me

the winter will replace the summer
the pretty pleasure fades away
like the memories in my breath
what about the broken dreams
of love,trust and happiness
if nothing will grows,my closed eyes
if nothing will grows,my closed eyes

the dogs of unknown people barked all day through
and maybe this happened somewhere else, too

the sky had kissed the ground
when the blooms fell down on you
this rose is for you,babe
hope it will be better there
take all my promises,but don`t take my pride
take all my promises, but don`t take my pride